May. 16th, 2011

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I am sadly sadly in need of new music. Current music. And since Matchbox Twenty have not yet made good on their promise of a new album this year (guys. seriously. pls?), I find myself listening to music from the 90s. A lot. And I think, surely there must be new bands who are of a similar vein who are worth listening to?

So. Whut I like (aka the overplayed playlists): )

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Since I've friended some new folks lately, it occurred to me that fair warning on what you might stumble into in my fic archives could be useful.

I have a bad habit of unfinished epics. I know. I'm sorry. I have every intention of finishing them when I start, but they tend to overwhelm me.

*clears throat* So. Fair warning, these fics are unfinished, and 95% likely to stay that way:

- Existential Difficulties
- [ profile] brokenworld01 (sequel to How Far Do You Bend?, which is actually finished, but please heed the angst warning. I'm not kidding.)

Meine Liebe
- Engaged

Final Fantasy VII
- Daylight & Darkness - most of which is archived elsewhere, but there are a couple chapters here, just to confuse you.

I think that's the main ones. ^_^; Anything else should be one-shots or no more than 3 or 4 parts.


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