Apr. 23rd, 2011

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A Pom and A Cat, on YouTube. Open to subscriptions, since I keep forgetting to post updates. ^_^;

ETA: Ember Walks On High!

Also, Ember was SUCH a good girl this morning! We (me and her, that is) got up at 6am for a pee break, and when she was done - she put herself back in the crate voluntarily! I waited to make sure she wasn't just looking for a toy in the back, but no, she stayed, so I closed the door and we all went back to sleep.

Then, when I got up again later (8ish?) because she was pawing at the side of the crate, I let her out, and she pooped on the UGoDog without any assistance or redirection! Yay Ember! So we had a party, and then I went back to bed, and she and Rufus let me sleep in until the terribly late hour of 9:30 omg.

... proud parents, talkin' 'bout poops. ^_^;

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Part of errands for today (the only part thus far accomplished *facepalm*) was renting an Autoshare car and taking Ember for a ride. As our destination, we chose the PetSmart on Eglinton, as it was a not-unreasonable distance that could be achieved relatively quickly.

Happily, Ember loved the car rides, both there and back! She even climbed up on Kiro's shoulder (in the back seat) at one point, and sat there staring out the window. ^_^

At the PetSmart we practised attention (barking just because other dogs are barking is Not Okay! but look at us and sit instead, and get a treat!). It went pretty well, given it was her first exposure to that large of a pet store with dogs.

Yay Ember.

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