Apr. 18th, 2011

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(Not kidding! 1200 words~)

Well. Since last I wrote (March 19th? good grief this dog eats time), Ember has gone through all kinds of 'firsts', and is now well on her way to being a pubert (aka pubescent, and rebellious, at times).

Teeth - she has lost and regrown all her incisors, top and bottom, and a couple of pre-molars. We managed to find some (she likes to play with the teeth after they fall out) and now have a collection of tiny puppy teeth. Hee. She is currently a double-fanged monster, as her canines (eye teeth) are breaking through top and bottom, but the old ones haven't fallen out yet. She's also got one monster molar trying to come in at an angle. We're going to have the vet look at it and pull the baby tooth if necessary when she goes in for her pre-surgery* screening in the next week or so. We continue to try to brush her teeth at least once a week. At least. >.>

*Surgery is of course spaying. She'll be six months on May 1st. The pre-surgery screening is bloodwork and such like to make sure that she's healthy and mature enough. And the screening is 'free' (though we've been thinking of it as 'included in the cost of the spaying' because that's going to run $500).

Lessee, what else. )

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We're walking to the bus on the way home from puppy class, and I hear this "eeee!" sound. I look around, cuz Kiro's behind me with puppy on leash, but no, it's not puppy.

"eeee!" gets louder, and I realize it's coming from a car, coming toward us.

"eeeee!" goes the young woman in the passenger's seat, window down, pointing at Ember. "eeee!"

The car doesn't even slow down.

Ah yup. Just another day with the CUTEST DOG EVER!

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hey flist!

Apr. 18th, 2011 10:21 pm
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(This has nothing to do with puppies.)

Has anyone out there read Richard Morgan's Broken Angels?

'Cuz I finally just finished it (like nearly decade late to the party again (it was published in 2003) :p), and it's AWESOME.

(You get Hei icon, because.)

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Apr. 18th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Scanning my twitter feed, I come across this:

"They would probably not be goggles made of literal gravy. Viscosity would be a problem, and also the optics." http://j.mp/gCFS5y #TOpoli

And I know, without even clicking, that it is about our mayor, being insane again.

ETA: okay, so I was wrong, it wasn't our mayor directly. Also, you need to go read the context (the article linked in the tweet). It gets even better.

Three tweets later was this gem, from @catvalente:

I want to do a nude photo shoot on a gigantic pile of nickels. I will call it FIVE CENTS A WORD. #ohmygodtoday #everydayimhusslin



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