Mar. 14th, 2011

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Put your thinking caps on: pet-owning friends, we have dilemma.

Ember, being only 4.5 months old, has a small tummy that will not wait 8 or more hours overnight for a meal. Discovered this by being woken up by the sound of her retching - dry heaves - in the early hours of the morning.

Before you say it, yes, the easiest solution would be to just leave food down for her overnight. We know.

However. Rufus is an asscat, and will eat the puppy food, despite the generally bandied about wisdom that "oh cats won't be interested in dog food." He's also been put on a weight loss diet, as vet says he "could stand to lose a pound or two" and thus cat thinks he's STARVING GUYS OMG. (Note: we have not been enforcing diet while puppy was introduced to household.)

Given their relative sizes (Ember at ~5.5lbs, Rufus at ~12lbs), and shapes, there isn't anywhere that puppy can reach that cat can't. (Unlike solving the problem of cat not wanting to share water bowl - we put one in the tub just for him, and he's happy jumping in and out, but puppy doesn't even try.)

Any kind of box with door flap the cat will try to get into because his litter pan has a hood with door flap, so he's used to that. Ember thinks being under the lower shelf on the coffee table is great fun, and likes to take her treats there, but the cat fits, too.

Any suggestions, besides doing dire things to the cat getting up in the middle of the night to give puppy an extra meal until she gets a another month or two of growth under her belt?


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