Mar. 10th, 2011


Mar. 10th, 2011 08:35 pm
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Today, new and strange things! Puppy on leash went for a walk in the hallway. omgyouguys! :)

Also, grooming is becoming easier, although she still trembles. Tonight we even managed to trim up the fur on her feet. (We still have ice, although the rain is trying to wash it away, and ice means salt, and salt is no good for puppy feet.)

She has decided she needs to sleep beside our bed, but I found a corner to tuck her up in so she's not in danger of getting stepped on. She rearranged her blanket last night, after I arranged it for her. :)

Also also we forgot to tell you! Puppy is a multi-tasker. *solemn nod* It's true! She will carry loofah dog in her mouth while she attacks plays with the cat. She doesn't forget what she's doing either, nor get confused by 'playing' with two things at once. Girl is too darn clever.


In non-puppy news, Monday was the end of my six month probation period at work. Yay! I can no longer be fired without due cause. XD (not that that was really ever a concern)

Today, coworker and I told boss "we need more work!" :) And so we got some. Yay! (I hate being bored, and I was getting bored from lack of work, but unable to just use the time to write.)

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