Mar. 6th, 2011

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I'm too lazy to make a filter, but I will put puppy babble behind a cut so you can skip if you want. That said...

Help us, Internets! You are our only hope!

We are still not sure what to call our new puppy. We are soliciting suggestions that meet the following criteria:
1 - Female, gender-neutral, or male names are okay.
2 - Two syllables at minimum (more may be okay)
3 - Must be a name that lends itself to elongation for hollering across a park (eg Ruuuuuufus!)
4 - We're not keen on cutesy type names.
5 - We're not against english words used as names, but we prefer quirky, off-beat types (like Tofu) to the ones that usually get used as pet names. (We're trying to improve on "Bunny", remember.)

Floor's open. Pass the hat.

For inspiration, sleeping puppy pics.

Yesterday we went to the vet... )

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